The EURO Working Group on Project Management and Scheduling (EURO WG-PMS) has been established during the EURO VIII Conference in Lisbon, September 1986. It was then decided to have a workshop every two years with the objective of bringing together world-wide experts in the field of project management and scheduling in order to exchange and discuss recent research findings and generate viable and promising areas for future research.

The first workshop was held in Lisbon in July 1988, the second in Compiégne in June 1990, the third in Como in July 1992, and fourth in Leuven in June 1994.

Contributions are solicited in the field of project management (project planning, project scheduling, project control) and machine scheduling (single and parallel processor problems, flow shops, job shops, open shops). In order to simulate discussion,the number of plenary sessions, with ample time for discussion and interaction outside the lecture halls and variety of social events.
The selection of the papers for presentation at the workshop will be based on one page abstract which will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Extended abstracts of all accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings which will be available at the workshop. It is the purpose to publish selected high quality papers in a special issue of an internationally refereed journal.
There will be both demonstrations of commercial software packages and a software olympics on resource-constrained scheduling, the objective of which is turn in competition a number of software packages supplied by workshop participants.

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