Poznan University of Technology is one of the biggest Universities of Technology (or Technical Universities) in Poland, and is divided into five faculties (Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Machine Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering). Each faculty is subdivided into institutes and/or chairs. Located between Warsaw and Berlin, the University has many research and teaching contacts with European universities. The Institute of Computing Science is one of five institutes in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Its predecessor, the Institute of Control Engineering, was established in 1970, in 1988 changed the name for the Institute of Computer Science, Automatics and Robotics, and finally (1990) , after the extraction of a new chair, got its present shape. The staff of the Institute consists of over 60 people, including 46 persons occupying academic positions ( 3 Professors, 5 Associate Professors, 17 Assistant Professors or Lectures with Ph.D.'s and 22 Assistants ).

Poznan .... The cradle of Poland, the seat of first kings, bridge between East and West, South and North throughout the centuries, the biggest Polish commercial city nowadays, place of the most important fairs and exhibitions. Fires, floods, decease and wars have often been its fate; but after all Poznan has retained its former character and some of the ancient monuments. The magnificent renaissance Town Hall is the finest example. Poznan has the population of over 600 thousand and is one of the main cultural and scientific centres of Poland with almost 40 thousand students in 11 university-level schools. Worth mentioning is, that food and drinks are not bad there ....

Workshop location: The Workshop will be held at ON PAN (Osrodek Nauki Polskiej Akademii Nauk) - Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences, located in the heart of the town, at 17/19, Wieniawskiego St.


The 6th International Workshop on Project Management and Scheduling will be held in Istanbul in 1998.

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