General information about the Institute

Director: Professor Jan Weglarz
Deputy director, teaching affairs: Professor Zbyszko Krolikowski, prof. P.P.
Deputy director, scientific affairs: Professor Jacek Blazewicz
address: ul. Piotrowo 2, 60-965 Poznan, Poland
telephone: (48-61) 8790-790, 6652-997, 6652-999
fax: (48-61) 8771-525
telex: 0413250 polp pl

Poznan University of Technology is one of the biggest universities of technology (or technical universities) in Poland, and is divided into nine faculties ( Architecture, Chemical Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Management, Electronics and Telecommunications Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Management, Technical Physics, Working Machines and Transportation). Each faculty is subdivided into institutes and/or chairs. Located between Warsaw and Berlin, the Poznan University of Technology has many research and teaching contacts with European universities.
The Institute of Computing Science is one of three institutes in the Faculty of Computer Science and Management. Its predecessor, the Institute of Control Engineering, was established in 1970 within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In 1988 it changed the name for the Institute of Computer Science, Automatics and Robotics, and finally (in 1990), after the extraction of a new chair, got its present shape. In years 2001-2010 Institute of Computing Science was a division of the Faculty of Computer Science and Management. Since 2010 Institute of Computing Science is in the Faculty of Computer Science.
The staff of the Institute consists of over 130 people, including 98 persons occupying academic positions (9 Professors, 13 Associate Professors, 56 Assistant Professors or Lecturers with Ph.D).

Year 2006 report on the activitities in the Institute (pdf).

Poznan University of Technology

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