Visas  are  not required for visitors from the following countries
(as of June 17th, 1998):
Andorra Greece Norway
Argentina Honduras Portugal
Austria Hong-Kong Romania 
Azerbaijan  Holland Russia 
Belarus  Hungary San Marino
Belgium Iceland Slovakia
Bolivia  Kazakhstan  Slovenia
Bulgaria Kyrgyzstan  South Korea
Chile Liechtenstein Spain
Costa Rica Lithuania Sweden
Croatia Luxembourg Switzerland
Cuba Latvia Tajikistan 
Cyprus Macedonia The  Czech  Republic
Denmark Malta The  Republic of Ireland
Estonia Malaysia Turkmenistan 
Finland Moldavia Ukraine
France Monaco United Kingdom
Georgia  Mongolia Uruguay
Germany Nicaragua USA
travelling for touristic purposes - passport and voucher required;
private trips - passport and invitation letter required;
business trips - passport with "AB" stamp required;
"AB" stamp can be acquired from the Passport Office of the applicant's country of origin, provided a given country gives the above mentioned stamp. Otherwise, one should apply for a Polish visa in a Polish Embassy or Consulate.  

If some additional documents are required in order to acquire a Polish visa, please contact the ADBIS'98 Local Organizing Committee: 

Piotr Krzyzagorski and 
Robert Wrembel 
Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology 
ul. Piotrowo 3A, PL-60-965 Poznan, POLAND 
Fax:   (48) (61) 877 15 25