Social events included in the conference fee:
  Choir Concert and Reception
  Banquet in the Conservatory

Social events that can be purchased additionally on site:

A coach trip of Poznan  

    about 3 hours 
    price: about 13 USD

Poznan is the capital of the Wielkopolska region, the cradle of the Polish nation. It is a significant cultural, scientific, industrial and commercial center. Poznan has many interesting historical buildings, the most famous being the 16th-century Renaissance Town Hall at the Old Market Square and a 1000-year old Cathedral. There are also several historical churches and museums.
The Piast Route trip 

    about 7 hours 
    price: about 25 USD

This trip shows the history of the ancient Poland: from Biskupin (first known settlement in the area of Wielkopolska) to Ostrow Lednicki, Gniezno, and Kruszwica (capitals of ancient provinces). 

Bus transfer and lunch includedn in the price.