Tutorials: September 7, 1998

Advance (until August, 22) Late (after August, 22)
one half-day tutorial   70 USD   75 USD
two half-day tutorials 130 USD 140 USD
Advance (until July, 15) Late (after July, 15)
non-member 250 USD 280 USD
ACM member 200 USD 230 USD
PC/SC member 125 USD 140 USD
student   50 USD   50 USD

Please, find enclosed ADBIS'98 ADBIS'98 Conference Registration Form in text format.

Conference registration fee includes:
    - one copy of the conference proceedings,
    - admission to the technical sessions,
    - refreshment breaks,
    - banquet,
    - choir concert and reception.

Students fee includes technical sessions and refreshment breaks only. Students are required to show current picture ID cards
at the time of registration. The conference proceedings and tickets for the social events can be purchased separately.

Tutorial fee entitles an attendee to attend tutorials only, and includes the tutorial notes and coffee breaks. We reserve the right to cancel a tutorial due to insufficient participation or other unforseeable problems.

Please fax, mail or e-mail (pick only one) this registration form to:

ADBIS'98 attn. Piotr Krzyzagorski
Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology
ul. Piotrowo 3A, PL-60-965 Poznan, POLAND
E-mail: (recommended way of registration)
Fax:   (48) (61) 877 15 25

Payment can be made by:

A credit card in MAIL ORDER mode.
        The following cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PolCard, Diners Club, JCB.  
Bank transfer:
        VI Oddzial Poznan
        Swift code: WBKPPLPP
        Account number: 10901362-4574-128
        "ADBIS'98, registration fee for <first name> <last name>"

        The owner of the bank account is:
        Politechnika Poznanska (Poznan University of Technology)
        pl. Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie 5
        60-965 Poznan, Poland